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If you’re eating 🐖 you’ve most likely also ate 🪱!! 🤮⁣

Via @theelectriceats If you’re eating 🐖 you’ve most likely also ate 🪱!! 🤮⁣

Did you know pork is one the most consumed meats on the planet? Did you know that these animals also contain very few sweat glands and the few they have work inefficiently? Did you know pigs have one of the worst digestive systems?⁣

You may say, “why does all this matter?” It matters, because if this animal does not properly digest and eliminate the byproduct of its “food” then it stands to reason that this waste accumulates and gets stored within the pig - which you then consume second handedly.⁣

It is to no surprise why pigs contain high volumes of fat. And what does fat do? It stores. In this case, it stores waste because many of these animals eat each others feces. They also eat GMO grains like soy and corn which they aren’t even equipped to properly digest. Some even eat their own children. 😱⁣

This is why many of them are plagued with dis-ease. ONE of MANY examples is Hepatitis E - commonly found in pork liver. 1 out of every 10 store-bought pig livers in the United States tests positive for it.⁣

There’s even a population in France who consume pork liver which goes by figatellu, and they have some of the highest rates of hepatitis E. So yes, YOU LITERALLY ARE WHAT YOU EAT. 💯⁣

These animals are known to be parasites infested. The heat on your stove will NOT destroy these parasitic entities. Many of these parasites harbor inside cysts, and you may think your stomach acids destroy them but they don’t. All they do is open the cyst to free the parasites which then hit your blood stream and travel throughout your entire body reproducing throughout your life. ☠️⁣

But America labels bacon “food”? 🤔⁣

Know what you’re consuming. Get zapped in! ⚡️⁣


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